Bringing Home Snorri

On September 11, 2014, in Fun Stuff, Musings, by lisa
Snorri the Siberian Cat.

Snorri the Siberian kitten.

The maybe-kitten I was waiting for (read about him here) had his saliva allergen level test results come back “very low,” at 1.17 mcg. I’d already decided that if he was “very low” I’d take him, even though the breeder generally advises that people who get hives from cats should stick with “extremely low,” which means below 1.0 mcg. But 1.17 is close enough, right?

And not taking this kitten would mean waiting for possibly a year, if I wanted to stick with the same breeder (which I did).

So, I got him.

Despite the rashes appearing on my arms when we went to pick him up from Glorious Siberians.

The breeder advised us to keep him isolated in a small room like a bathroom for 3-5 days, until he bonded with his litter box, his scratching post, and us. She said he should be focused on us as the bringers of everything good. And so, we spent a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom with Snorri. Pillows in the tub made it easier.

My husband Clark in the tub with Snorri.

My husband Clark in the tub with Snorri.

Snorri seemed to like the bathroom, especially the sink.

Snorri liked sleeping in the antique sink.

Snorri liked sleeping in the antique sink.

Meanwhile, my arms were dotted with hives, as was my chest, and when he rubbed against my face I got a red rash. Sigh. So much for my brilliant plan of escaping contact allergies by getting a low Fel d1 cat. There are plenty of other allergens in cats (and animals), so this wasn’t a huge surprise.

Plan B is to see if my immune system starts to recognize him, and the hives go away. When I had a dog, I never reacted to her although I reacted to other dogs, so perhaps this is possible for me. If not, I’ll bear the hives, because we’re already attached to the little fellow, and he’s not going anywhere.

Snorri shows some love.

Snorri shows some love.

After three days in the bathroom, Snorri seemed plenty confident and ready to break free into the ground floor of the house. The ground floor is just one big open room, except for the bathroom, and he was a little nervous about all that space and new stuff, but quickly got the lay of the land.

He’s already showing a Siberian’s love of jumping.

Despite this impressive display of athletic prowess (for a kitten. sort of.), he hasn’t 100% got the jumping thing down. He’s no Maru.

We’ve had him for a week now, and the hives on my arms are lessening (none so far today!). Fingers crossed they go away completely.

My husband and I are fretful new pet owners, worrying about how much he eats and if he’s happy, but I think we’ll calm down soon. Snorri certainly has.

Snorri doing what cats do best.

Snorri doing what cats do best.

Snorri says, “Help out my mistress Lisa, and buy one of her books. She’s got something for everyone: traditional and paranormal romance novels, a young adult paranormal romance set in France, comedies, and even a new series of historical erotica — think “Game of Thrones” — from Simon & Schuster. You can find out all about that below.”


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