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On September 15, 2014, in Fun Stuff, Musings, by lisa

I’m a big fan of Jackson Galaxy and his show “My Cat from Hell.” I like how he makes it so clear that it’s human behavior that’s usually the problem, and that half (or more) of what might go wrong between owner and cat is based on the environment. He (and co-author Kate Benjamin) has a book out now about how to make your house cat-friendly, called “Catification.”



We took his advice and added additional shelves to my office, to make a climbing wall for Snorri. So far Snorri doesn’t think much of it, but perhaps it’ll grow on him. I even lined the shelves with faux sheepskin, so his feet wouldn’t slip.

The climbing wall in my office. Notice the cat's complete disregard for his shelves.

The climbing wall in my office. Notice the cat’s complete disregard for his shelves.

Assuming he gets the hang of the office shelves, we’re considering adding shelves in the kitchen so he can climb up on top of the cabinets.

In the meantime, sleeping beside me on my office chair gets paws-up, as well as on my desk behind my laptop.


I also bought a Kitty Cot to put in a window. Snorri’s not crazy about it yet, either, but he does go up into it a couple times a day, for a minute or so. We’ll give him time.


Snorri checks out the Kitty Cot. I added a piece of faux sheepskin, to make it look nicer.

On the advice of a neighbor who works for All The Best Pet Care in Seattle, I got a wool felt cat cocoon. Snorri loves it and treats it as the “kill zone” for his toy mouse.

Snorri loves his cocoon.

Snorri loves his cocoon.

Knowing that cats love sinks and bowls as napping places, I got this old yellow and white bowl from our favorite Seattle consignment/used stuff store, Stuf. It matches my home office, and is probably from the 1930s. So far, Snorri ignores it. This big bow window faces south, though, and I’m hoping that come winter he’ll discover the delights of the bowl.


I’m also on the look-out for a big wood salad bowl to put on the mantel; we go to estate and garage sales a lot, so a cheap one should turn up.

My husband built a platform to fit inside this old crock that my mother used to use for houseplants. This Snorri likes. I don’t know why. But there you go: he’s a cat.

Snorri in his crock.

Snorri in his crock.


Snorri says, “Help out my mistress Lisa, and buy one of her books. She’s got something for everyone: historical and paranormal romance novels, a young adult paranormal romance set in France, comedies, and even a new series of historical erotica — think “Game of Thrones” — from Simon & Schuster. You can find out all about that below.”


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