The Raven Witch

On October 28, 2010, in Historical, Paranormal, by lisa

A healer with unnatural gifts, Valerian Bright lives with her aunt and pet raven in a cottage in the woods, shunned by the villagers of nearby Greyfriars. She had learned long before that she would never marry, for while the townsfolk of her Cumbrian village were grateful for her abilities, the price of her gift was solitude.

Nathaniel Warrington was the new Baron Ravenall, a man of dark secrets and strong passions, and he had never wanted anything the way he desired his people’s enigmatic healer. When he finds Valerian he believes he finds as well the key to his own redemption.

Opposed by those who sought to destroy her, compelled by a love that would never die, Nathaniel fought to earn Valerian’s trust. Valerian would learn that the only thing more dangerous — or heavenly — than bewitching a baron, was being bewitched by one.

Originally published as “Bewitching the Baron” by Dorchester Publishing, 2002.

Available in print (from Amazon), and for all e-readers.


Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, for Best British-Set Historical Romance!


Bewitching The Baron by Lisa Cach

The original cover, 2002

Reviews :: The Raven Witch (original title: Bewitching The Baron)

‘In her second book, “Bewitching The Baron,” Lisa Cach once again breaks new ground as she introduces her readers to brave and unique women. If you like historical romance, with a touch of “New Age-ish” mystery and a dash of humor, you’ll find this book fascinating.’

Sharon Galligar Chance
Book Browser


‘Bewitching the Baron’ is an engaging tale of love’s power of redemption. With complex and colorful characters, lush detail and a compelling story, Ms. Cach weaves a story rich in humanity and emotional intensity.’

Beth MacGregor
Romantic Times


“Cach has written a marvelous story that will not be easily forgotten.”

Recommended for a Reviewer’s Choice Award

Brenda Gayle
Romance Communications


“Lisa Cach is fast showing herself to be an author of ingenuity when it comes to plotting and characters. ‘Bewitching the Baron’ offers two likable, flawed people who are absolutely right for one another but sure take the hard road in discovering it. Valerian was delightful; aware that an affair with Nathaniel is likely to leave her heartbroken, she forges ahead anyway. Nathaniel can hardly believe his heart. To hell with his family — Valerian is the one for him, but how can he convince her? It’s nice to see a hero thwarted at every turn. As for sexual tension, these two have it in spades.”

Cathy Sova
The Romance Reader


“I liked this book immensely. It is very dark in some places but the characters are engaging and though they are an unlikely pair, the story is well written and believable.”

Leslie Tramposch

Paranormal Romance


“There is tremendous growth in the characters as the story unfolds and love is the emotion that brings healing. There is depth in the lives of her characters as their secrets unfold, and the author brings in a few unexpected twists to keep you interested in how they will be resolved.”

Carol Carter
Under the Covers


Background Notes with Photos :: The Raven Witch (original title: Bewitching The Baron)

A village in England, that is how I imagined fictional Greyfairs to look.

The idea to add a talking raven to this book came from dimly remembered family stories of pet ravens. A bit of research soon showed that ravens, captured at the right age, can indeed learn to mimic human speech as well as myriad other sounds, from dogs barking to sirens wailing. They are one of the smartest birds in existence, and have a penchant for collecting small items.

One of the many stone circles to be found in Britain, and which are like the one where Valerian and her aunt receive their payments

Research for Valerian’s healing herbs was a bit more complex, as herbals have a confounding tendency to contradict each other on the proper uses of plants, and very few offer any scientific evidence for their claims. I tried to include only those herbs that seem to have some actual, salutary effect, but even so I would hardly try any of Valerian’s potions on myself. Besides for herbs and her own innate abilities, she also relies upon hypnosis and placebos to effect her cures.

– Lisa

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