Great Aunt Sophia’s Lessons for Bombshells, June 2012

Ever dream of being transformed into a bombshell?

Grace Cavanaugh thinks she’s in for an easy, lazy summer when she takes a job as companion to her great aunt Sophia in Pebble Beach.  She’ll dab spittle from her aunt’s chin, watch ‘Animal Planet’, and work on her dissertation for her PhD in Women’s Studies.

But Sophia has other plans.  With a tart tongue that would put Bette Davis to shame, Sophia sets about transforming her dumpy great-niece into a copy of the B-movie bombshell Sophia once was, and in the process teaches her a thing or two about men, sexual liberation, and power.

Caught in Sophia’s web along with Grace are Declan O’Brien, the college football star turned financial advisor, and Dr. Andrew Pritchard, Sophia’s dewy-cheeked personal physician.  Declan makes Grace’s body melt, but it’s Andrew who seems to be on her same mental wavelength.

By the time the summer’s over, though, Grace isn’t going to know whether she’s a scholar or a bombshell, or maybe a little bit of both.


For the car guys: 

Scenes in this story take place during a re-creation of the historic auto races on 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, as well as at the Concours d’Elegance. Perhaps more to the point, there is some very sexy stuff that happens in an Auburn speedster. Seriously. It’s naughty. A historic Duesenberg and Jaguar also make important appearances.


The reviews are in!

“…Cach’s version of the age-old ugly duckling story has an undeniable appeal. It’s sure to be a frothy hit with any self-conscious woman sitting on a beach draped under a cover-up, dreaming of her own Cinderella-style makeover at the hands of a fairy godmother—or great aunt Sophia.”— Patty Wetli, Booklist

“In Lisa Cach’s highly entertaining novel Great-Aunt Sophia’s Lessons for Bombshells, this pull between what is considered entirely superficial and the perceived deeper intellectual makes for a ripping good read… On the surface a frothy, humorous, and light story rife with sexual tension and graphically erotic scenes, this is actually an interesting look at an expanded feminism, one that embraces all aspects of a woman, celebrating the whole person, inside and out. ” –BookNAround

“Cach is a savvy, smart writer and this modern romantic tale is completely fun and satisfying.”–VIVmag

“I LOVED THIS BOOK. If I could buy a copy for each and every one of my gal pals I would!  I was busting out laughing.” —Cape Cod Scribe

“This is definitely a must-read and will captivate you right from page one!”–Chicklit Club

“4 1/2 Stars!  Cach’s novel about the transformation of a frumpy Ph.D. student into a bombshell… heat(s) up the pages with no-hands-allowed seduction and a sexy lesson on manual transmissions.”–RT Book Reviews

The Seattle Times recommends it as a summer beach read.

The Lit Critic says, “There’s drama, passion, humor: a whole range of emotions. The characters are interesting. The pace was right. It’s written nicely. The romance scenes are hot and steamy and well written. A great summer read!”

The Baltimore County Public Library says, “This fun story goes past a simple ugly duckling transformation tale with plenty of wonderful and unique characters, a whole lot of humor, and a sprinkle of spice!”


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Great-Aunt Sophia’s Lessons for Bombshells

June, 2012

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