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Below you’ll find the answers to some questions I get asked a lot.

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Are your books connected to each other in series, or are they stand-alone? Do you have any sequels planned?

Most of my books are stand-alone. The only two that are connected to each other are COME TO ME and DREAM OF ME, although even they can be read one without the other, and in either order. Some readers think it’s a better reading experience to read COME TO ME first, though.

If I send you an e-mail, will I get stuck on a mailing list?

No! You can contact me at [email protected] with no fear of getting LisaSpam.

What about a bookmark you can send me, do you have one of those?

No, unfortunately. I sometimes think of having some made, but then the thought of all the messing around with the computer gives me a headache and I have to have a bowl of ice cream to soothe myself.

I’ve always wanted to write a romance novel. Do you have any advice?

Heaps!  Visit my “On Writing” section of this website, under “Fun Stuff”.

Would you be willing to help me with some story ideas I have, or to read something I wrote?

I barely have the brain power to get my own work done. I waste hours rewriting the same sentence, or whole days staring at the wall, wondering if minor plot point A or minor plot point B would be the best choice. Or maybe I’m just thinking about a dress I saw online. I’m not telling.

A good place to find someone to work with would be through Romance Writers of America. Join a local chapter, or if you live out in the boonies, join one on-line!

How does a person get started as a romance writer? Do you have an agent?

I did it by working half-time on the graveyard shift, and using my days off (and quiet times at work) to write. I found the basic information I needed for submitting to publishers in The Writer’s Market, which you can find at almost any public library or bookstore. The answers to dozens of any writer’s questions can be found there.

I did not have an agent when I sold my first book, but after that sale I asked my new editor, Chris Keeslar, to recommend a few to me. I went with the first one I called, Linda Kruger of the Fogelman Literary Agency, and was very happy with her for five years.

And then she retired. Ah, woe is me! So I went back to Chris Keeslar and asked him again for suggestions. This time he hooked me up with Helen Breitwieser, of the Cornerstone Literary Agency. I also talked to some agents I researched on my own, but Chris’s matchmaking talents prevailed, and I am now a client of Helen’s.

You must be getting rich, huh?

Ah ha ha ha!

Let me wipe away the tears of laughter with my threadbare handkerchief. A writer is like anyone else hoping to make their living in the arts — actors, painters, dancers, musicians. A very few make piles of money and live in villas on the south coast of France, some starve and their bodies are found decomposing in moldy basement apartments, and most barely manage to muddle through, usually with a second source of income.

What lame FAQs. Can’t you think of anything better?

Feel free to ask me any questions you’d like to see answered, or leave a comment here on my blog.

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