treasure chest

Chest at Chateau de Chaumont, Loire Valley, France

Welcome, Geocachers!

Direct link to the WAKE UNTO ME puzzle cache.

(And if you’re a website visitor who doesn’t know what geocaching is, take a peek at  Signing up is FREE, and if you have a smart phone you’ll probably be able to complete the treasure hunt without purchasing any additional equipment.)

Geocacher EFHutton, well-known for the “Peace Sign Series” of caches for GeoWoodstock VIII, has put his diabolical mind to work on creating a multi-cache puzzle inspired by my March 2011 young adult novel, Wake Unto Me.  This cache is located in Discovery Park, and has the full, official blessing of the park.*

Wake Unto Me, by Lisa Cach

Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach (March 2011)

Why a geocache for this book?  Because a treasure hunt plays an important role in the story, and because — let’s face it — my last name is Cach.  A treasure hunt story with an author named Cach:  how could there NOT be a geocache for such a book?

As a recent review of Wake Unto Me says, “The author created an enchanting, ghostly world, while taking you on a intense hunt for treasure. My mind was running wild trying to figure out the clues and mystery myself. Each time I would think I had figured it out, a twist came out of nowhere and took me in a completely different direction.”

EFHutton’s puzzle is just as much fun!  You’ll get a good hike and some beautiful views, and perhaps a laugh or two.

The multi-cache puzzle name is WAKE UNTO ME, its ID is GC2M29Z, and here’s a direct link.

Treasures in the Wake Unto Me cache include copies of the book, travel bugs, jewelry, Third Place Books pens, gift certificates to Secret Garden Books and Mockingbird Books, and various small treasures.

Five of the trackables are ones that I created myself.  They’re racing to get to Chateau de Beynac, in the southwest of France.  Beynac served as the main inspiration for the setting of the book, the fictional Chateau de la Fortune, perched at the edge of a cliff high above the Dordogne River.  You can watch the trackables race towards France HERE.

Don’t miss out!

travel bug

My travel bug, "Water in a Cenote." Watch it race against four other trackables, all trying to reach Chateau de Beynac in France.

*Please note that no one needs to step on a single plant, or needs to go off the beaten trail, to follow this treasure hunt.  Please respect the green growing things in the park.

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