A journey from Los Angeles to Seattle on Highway 101, seeking out view spots for picnics… and old car junk for Clark.

Day 9
May 26, 2014
Santa Rosa

A lazier day today. After a slow start, Clark and I took a walk around the very quiet neighborhood, and then did a loop around the polo field that doubles as a dog park. Even though it was only 10:30 or so, the heat was already picking up, and the only dogs we saw were panting in the shade under a tree.

We chose the Charles M. Schulz Museum as our destination for the day. Melanie declared that they didn’t want to be the type of locals who never visited the sights in their neighborhood… All the same, they were a little disappointed in the museum. I was happy enough, though; I’ve never been to a museum devoted to a cartoonist before, and it seemed vaguely in keeping with the vibe of the road trip, what with animation, movies, etc.

Clark's shirt and hat matched the illustration. Once in a while the mood matches, too.

Clark’s shirt and hat matched the illustration. Once in a while the mood matches, too.

The picture is made of comic strips.

The picture is made of comic strips.

Christo's "Wrapped Snoopy House."

Christo’s “Wrapped Snoopy House.”

Snoopy the cookie-pusher.

Snoopy the cookie-pusher.

The most interesting parts to me were seeing what type of materials (pens, inks, paper) he worked with, and the social issues he confronted in the strip – women in sports, integration, war.

We went back to SEA Thai Bistro for lunch; the hostess recognized us. “Weren’t you here last night?” “Mayyyybe….”

Grocery store afterwards, for some ingredients for the flank steak with chimichurri. The recipe I use is here, from Gourmet.

A successful dinner, although I did smoke up the kitchen what with broiling the meat, and now my hair smells like spicy meat smoke. Afterwards we played a spontaneous game of challenging each other to think up the most awful or memorable or funny songs in various categories, which we’d then play snippets of on YouTube. Melanie and Brian won the “terrible” category with The Captain and Tennille’s “Muskrat Love.” We won “weird covers” with William Shatner’s “Tambourine Man.” Clark knew he had the winner with that one.

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