A journey from Los Angeles to Seattle on Highway 101, seeking out view spots for picnics… and old car junk for Clark.

Day 7
May 24, 2014
Half Moon Bay to Santa Rosa

A foggy morning with a hair of drizzle, but as soon as we got halfway through San Francisco, it cleared up and we got a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge.





Today was Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and we got some of that traffic as we headed north on Hwy 1. Another windy, windy road carved into the sides of steep mountains, only this time with endless streams of bicyclists. The bicyclists add a layer of anxiety to the whole endeavor, as you’re terrified you’ll come around one of those blind corners and run into one. There’s no shoulder on the road.

The traffic thinned out as soon as we passed Stinson Beach; apparently that was everyone’s destination. We stopped for lunch at Marin Sun Farms, where we discovered the joys of fried Brussels sprouts topped with aioli and parmesan. “This is how you make Brussels sprouts taste good,” Clark declared.

With enough delicious forms of fat on them, Brussels sprouts are scrumptious.

With enough delicious forms of fat on them, Brussels sprouts are scrumptious.



The meat display case was too tempting to resist, so we bought some flank steak for dinner on Memorial Day.

An hour or so more of driving brought us to Melanie and Brian’s new house, just SE of Santa Rosa, in the Valley of the Moon. A bowl of cherries was waiting for us, and Mai Tais. What better greeting?

It’s good to be amongst friends.

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