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“Funny and sexy, yet touching — a brilliantly constructed dark fairy tale!” — New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Book One of the Night World

Samira was the lowliest creature of the Night World: a mere succubus, a winged spirit bringing dreams of passion to sleeping men. She knew every wicked wish that lurked in their hearts, and yet she had never felt the touch of a man’s loving hand. Nor had she wanted to… until now.

Shattered by war and banished to a crumbling fortress, Nicolae turned to the dark, forbidden arts. When his conjuring summoned Samira, he sought to use her as a tool to oust the invader from his lands and regain all that he had lost. But when she arrives on his doorstep the next night in human form, all her powers stripped from her, he thinks he has no use for her whatsoever.

A creature of Night and a ruined prince: one called and the other came. What happened next would change their worlds forever.

RITA Finalist!
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Come to Me – original cover, 2004

Come to Me

Reviews :: Come To Me

“In the five years I’ve been reviewing, I’ve had the pleasure of being assigned three novels by Lisa Cach. Upon diving into Come To Me,one question kept tickling at the back of my brain – why oh why isn’t this woman a huge star?

….Come To Me is innovative, dark without being depressing, and the most original story this reviewer has come across in ages. Don’t miss it.”

Wendy Crutcher
The Romance Reader

“This really is a wonderful story, effectively blending great characters, compelling drama, humorous moments and sizzling sensuality. Samira is a fascinating heroine. She may be a creature of the night, but she’s not evil, playing a necessary role in the world. She’s strong and pragmatic, but for someone who supposedly has no soul, she does have feelings and is capable of compassion and other “human” emotions. Nicolae is a good tortured hero, full of anger and guilt about what happened to his family and his people and his own role in it. They’re both multi-faceted characters and their chemistry is palpable.

The story has an intriguing darkness that’s quite effective. The character drama and complicated relationships are all juicy stuff. Cach does a strong job creating this complicated world and populating it with a large cast of distinct personalities. This isn’t a long book, only 300 pages, but those are 300 meaty pages full of character and story.”

Leigh Thomas
All About Romance

“Well, I have found a new writer to love. Those of you looking for something unique with a Gothic type flare, (though I hesitate to classify it quite as Gothic) will enjoy this brilliantly written and cool story about a succubus summoned by a mortal man, who is then turned into a mortal herself. Quite frankly Lisa Cach’s COME TO ME knocks my socks off. I have not one complaint to voice and only glowing praise for this book.

The hero is flawed, and the heroine even more so, which causes an explosion of chemistry so good it is nearly tangible! There is such innocence and longing in their relationship that it is sexy without being over the top. Well, I guess you could argue it’s over the top since we are talking about a succubus demon for a heroine, but I digress. Anyway, at times their relationship is frightfully funny, which lightens the dark storyline just enough to make it perfect.

I cannot wait for the follow-up to this fiendish fairy tale! There is an incubus (male dream/nightmare giver to mortal, shall we say, less than satisfied women) on the loose which no doubt will make an interesting bedtime story. I wonder if he has ever visited me?”

Romance Reader At Heart

Great romantic fantasy
For three millennia Samira the Succubus has visited the sexual fantasies of sleeping males; her attitude is that these cretins are worthless greedy fleas who want more than they earn. However, when her actions cause a war amongst mankind, the Queen of the Night sentences Samira to spend one month as a mortal so that she can learn why her people serve humanity. If she fails to grasp the tutorial, she will die. Worse the “teacher” will be Nicolae the Magician who suffered severely from Samira’s war……………………….. As Samira changes from a spoiled “fe-malevolent” she-devil to caring for Nicolae, the worst that could happen occurs to her; she falls in love with her host. Nicolae begins to heal through the warm tenderness of his “student” and soon they fall in love. Samira has learned her lesson too well for when the month is up she will go back to helping men with their erotic dreams, but what about hers………………………. This is a fun romantic fantasy starring a fabulous magician struggling to regain his life and an incubus cum mortal learning about the ups and downs of being human to include that love hurts yet feels good at the same time. The story line is action-packed and often humorous as Samira struggles with her new life form. However what makes this a superb tale is the transformation of the nasty unlikable Samira into a caring loving soul……………………….

Harriet Klausner

COME TO ME is an interesting look at the nature of creatures that stalk the night.  Samira longs for something but doesn’t know what it is until she meets Nicolae.  Her awakening to human feelings and sensations, while often very humorous, are also heartwarming as she learns that having a soul means being able to give and receive love.  Nicolae has been hurt both physically and emotionally in the past.  He believes that if he can suppress all of his emotions, including lust, he will be better able to solve his current problems.  When he finally understands that you can only be successful when you put both your heart and mind into the game, he also realizes that Samira is his heart.  Secondary characters, both human and demon, provide added depth to the story, but the main theme remains Nicolae’s quest.  Readers who enjoy this novel can look forward to the next book in the series, DREAM OF ME.

For an enjoyable tale of demons, magic, and romance, pick up your copy of COME TO ME today.

–Kathy Samuels
Romance Reviews Today

COME TO ME is a very new and unique paranormal romance.  Lisa Cach has a very creative imagination, and she puts it to good use in this well-written love story.  I was immediately pulled into this amazing world, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The twists and turns were quite surprising, and I really love that in a novel.  The characters are so compelling.  Nicolae is a man tortured by his past, and it takes the love of Samira to help him move past his obsession with revenge.  This is a story not to be missed.  Put COME TO ME by Lisa Cach on your TBB List today!

–BJ Deese

Moody enough to be categorized as gothic, almost, this is an unusual take on the beauty and the beast tradition that promises much in the previewed sequel. Watching the hero and heroine discover and recover humanity is by turns amusing and touching.

—Amanda Killgore
Huntress Reviews

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Background Notes :: Come To Me

The genesis for COME TO ME was some reading I did a couple years ago about sleep paralysis. It may seem a long way between an area of psychological interest and a medieval/paranormal romance about a dream demon, but stay with me…

Sleep paralysis is when your brain tells your body not to move, while you’re sleeping and dreaming. Sometimes, though, we half-wake while still in this motionless state, and then all sort of interesting things happen. People report feeling a ‘presence’ in the room with them, a sense of terror, and a feeling of a heavy weight on their chest, keeping them from breathing. Sometimes there is a feeling of floating, as if being taken from the room.

You can imagine what beliefs this has contributed to through the centuries: visits by ghosts, by aliens, and of course by succubi and incubi.

Once I read about succubi and incubi — which are supposed to be demons who have sex with sleeping mortals — I thought, “What a great premise for a romance novel!” But I’m weird that way. It wasn’t long, though, before I’d worked out a story about a succubus and incubus who, after one fateful visit to a dreaming king, find their very existences changed forever. The idea became two books: COME TO ME and DREAM OF ME.

Photo Copyright Bill Yeaton, 2003 One of the entrances to the medieval citadel town of Sighisoara, in Transylvania. This photo was used as inspiration for the cover art for Come to Me.

To research COME TO ME and DREAM OF ME, I took a trip in the fall of ’03 to Romania. I chose Romania because for the story ideas I had, I needed to find a region in medieval times had had three neighboring, independent principalities, none of which were necessarily friendly with the others. I also needed a region whose history was not so familiar to readers that they would instantly say, “But that’s not what was going on there in the early 1400’s…” Romania fit the bill, and the principalities I used in my story are Transylvania, Moldavia, and Wallachia.

Romania turned out to be much more interesting and beautiful than I ever expected.  It even inspired a third book, a contemporary comedy that I am writing for Pocket, and which will likely be released in the summer of ’06.  And perhaps there will even be one more historical/paranormal.

Photo Copyright Bill Yeaton, 2003 This picture was taken outside a restaurant in Bucharest. The dragon was used on the cover of the book, on the right edge.

See more Pictures of my trip to Romania.

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