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Bill Yeaton

Travel buddy and photographer, Dr. Bill Yeaton.

Bill Yeaton took almost all the photos in the Romania and Alaska sections of the Galleries, as well as the photo of the couple that you see on the home page, in the photo album. He retains the copyright to all photos; please contact him if you wish to use them.

Bill is a “locum tenens” general practioner, which means he travels all over the country (and the world), filling in at medical clinics that need a temporary doctor.  He has worked on cruise ships, military bases, and at HMOs; the first time I met him, he was filling in for my mother’s regular doctor at Kaiser.  I met him a second time through online dating.  While we weren’t a romantic match, we did end up very good friends and travel buddies, and have taken several trips together.

Nowadays Bill spends a lot of time working in New Zealand, where he has fallen in love with a delightful Kiwi nurse, Katie. My husband and I very much want to visit them there.

Photo Copyright Bill Yeaton, 2003. "Caru cu Beru" restaurant in Bucharest.

Karla Thomas

Karla Thomas, in Mongolia at the Eagle Hunter Festival.

Karla Thomas took many of the France photos, as well as my head shots.  She retains copyright to her work, except the author photos.

I met Karla in sixth grade, but we had to attend different junior highs, and gradually lost touch with each other.  Fast-forward twenty years, to when a chance encounter with Karla’s sister led to me and Karla meeting for coffee. At the coffee date she told me about Clark, the man who is now my husband.

Who’d have thought that a friend made in sixth grade would someday introduce me to the love of my life?  Clark and I now live within walking distance of Karla and her husband.

Karla has a background in journalism, but earns her daily keep as a project manager.  In the last couple years she has become serious about photography, and has gotten gigs as a catalog photographer and for Lexus Magazine Online.


The hunting hounds at Cheverny, in the Loire Valley. Photo copyright Karla Thomas.

Either I or my husband, or sometimes a friend, took the remainder of the photos on the site.

The Kiss by Hayez

Detail of "The Kiss" by Francesco Hayez, 1791-1882

Designer Dawn Boone gets the credit for the overall design of the site, and most specifically for the front page header and the footer. The morning glory wallpaper and the Distressed Castle font she used were purchased.

The details of paintings on the site were mostly found on Wikipedia, and in all cases the artist has been dead for over 70 years.  By the law of the United States, this puts the paintings in the public domain.

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