The Changeling Bride

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The new, 2012 cover. The image is from the back of a Victorian-era mirror.

My first published novel, available once again:

The Changeling Bride

Modern-day Elle is tired of the dating scene and of being single and poor. When a strange old woman gives her a coupon for a free husband, she half-jokingly redeems it, and finds herself swept back in time and into the life of Eleanor Moore, a wealthy heiress engaged to the impoverished Earl of Allsbrook. She quickly learns the truth of the old adage that you should be careful what you wish for… you just might get it.

First published in 1999, by Dorchester Publishing.

Available in both print (through Amazon) and E.

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The original 1999 cover of The Changeling Bride


`This whimsical tale will leave you laughing with glee as Elle tries to adjust in her newfound home. Ms. Cach spins a charming and witty tale that is sure to capture your imagination.’

Beth MacGregor, Romantic Times


`The Changeling Bride is an excellent debut novel — cleverly plotted, genuinely funny, and featuring two endearing leads. Lovers of time-travel romance have reason to rejoice!’

Cathy Sova, The Romance Reader


`Henry and Elle make a beautiful couple. You are brought along on the adventure of two people getting to know each other and falling in love. The enjoyable characters are developed well. You see them both struggle with doubts about one another and work through them. The secondary characters are entertaining, especially that of Mossbottom, one of the fairies, and Elle’s dog. In no way do they take away from the love story of Henry and Elle. It is a wonderfully told story. I can highly recommend THE CHANGELING BRIDE as a heartwarming read. ‘

Carol Durfee,


`The moral of this story is: be careful what you wish for. In my case, I wished for a great book to read, and I found it! This book was so much fun…. I laughed throughout and even shed a tear at the end. Since this book was published in 1999, I’m claiming it as my Buried Treasure for last year….Debut author Lisa Cach has done an excellent job with the characters and the obstacles a modern woman would face living in the past, and dished it up with a large dose of humor and sensuality. While reading this book, I felt as if I knew both Henry and Elle personally, and more importantly, liked them. Brava! Sometimes, wishes do come true.’

Liz Zink, All About Romance

(Rated “Grade: A” and “Desert Isle Keeper” )

The 2010 re-release cover, that never quite made it into print.


Background Notes :: The Changeling Bride

Montacute House, England. Henry’s house would have looked something like this.

In The Changeling Bride I wanted to answer many of my own questions about a woman’s life in the past. Just how did she handle issues of basic hygiene and reproduction? What did she eat, and what sort of undergarments did she wear? What did she do all day?

I soon discovered that pinning down answers to these questions was about as easy as catching fish with bare hands. I’d come close to finding the information, and then upon closer examination the necessary details would prove not to be present, and my answer would swim away.

I made do with what I could get, much as the heroine of the story must. It only occurred to me much later that what life was like at any one point in time must have been as variable then as it is for us now. Many people have Internet access in their homes, many more do not. So must have gone the arrival of the flushing toilet.

My dog Kita, as a puppy. She’s not a Samoyed, but she was the inspiration for Tatiana, Elle’s dog.

– Lisa

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