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On December 2, 2012, in Anthologies, Contemporary, Historical, Musings, Romance, by lisa

Four previously published tales of love and laughter, all under one cover.


The Flirting Season

Originally published as “The Breeding Season” in the anthology “A Mother’s Way”

Evelina Johnson has at last been freed from her prison-like boarding school, and 1750’s Bath had better watch out! The only thing Evelina likes better than the latest fashions and most modern makeup from France is the company of a man.

Charles Highcroft is more comfortable with horses and things that go “moo” than with his fellow human beings — most especially, those of the gentle sex. When the shy horse breeder gets paired with the wild Evelina, though, there is no stopping his animal instincts.

RITA Finalist!


The Trouble with Truffles

Originally published as “Eliza’s Gateau” in the anthology “Seduction by Chocolate”

A woman traveling alone in Belgium lives out he fantasy of meeting a handsome, foreign stranger, but their encounters are nowhere as smooth as the pralines and truffles for which the country is famous.


Every Part of You

Originally published in “My Zombie Valentine”

A humorous zombie romance, where the zombies are victims of a plastic surgeon run amok. It’ll take an unlikely surfer dude of a hero to save the lovely Angela from the evil doctor’s plans.


A Rose by Any Other Name

Originally published in “These Boots Were Made for Strutting”

A rumpled, shy, yet beautiful young landscaper is transformed by a pair of magic shoes into the party girl ‘Rosa Rugosa.’ Will her handsome landscaping client Jack ever recognize that it’s his gardener in the high heels?


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