Phantom Bride

On October 27, 2012, in Musings, Newly Released, Paranormal, Romance, by lisa

Alex Woding came to Maiden Castle seeking quiet, and the freedom to study the stars. And though he was thrilled to discover a place where he could pursue his passion undisturbed by nosy sisters and society matchmakers, he had another motive for retreating to the fortress on a hill. There, in his youth, Alex had glimpsed an ethereal beauty that had haunted him ever since. Now, under the midnight sky, a tingle on the back of his neck tells him he is not alone.

For five hundred years Serena Clerenbold had been a ghost — since the days of the Black Death — and she had never known peace. But watching the castle’s handsome new tenant, happiness was easy to imagine… for the living. Which made her all the more determined to drive him away. Alex made Serena burn to be flesh once more, to revel in a touch she’d once reviled. He made her dream that she could be saved, for there was no power greater than that of love, even for… a Phantom Bride.

Originally published as “Of Midnight Born,” by Dorchester Publishing.

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Reviews for Phantom Bride (previous title: Of Midnight Born)

“Lisa Cach is proving to have a uniquely entertaining voice in the world of paranormal romance. Readers will be pleased with this one.”

Cathy Sova, The Romance Reader


“OMB passes my CODPIECE test. It’s pretty Creative, rather Original, Dramatic, Poetic, Intensely Emotional, Comedic, and best of all, Entertaining. Rating: 92”

Mrs Giggles
Everything Romantic


“‘Of Midnight Born’ is an intimate, cozy paranormal, and I found it quite delightful. Solid characterization and well-integrated humor rest securely on the crumbling foundation of a haunted castle….. I can’t remember enjoying a paranormal more than this.”

Grade: A-, Desert Isle Keeper

Mary Sophia Novak
All About Romance


“New plot twists are difficult to find, but Lisa Cach has done just that with her latest release.”

The Write Lifestyle


“This is one of the very best books that I’ve ever read. The characters are so well written that I can almost ‘see’ them before my eyes, and the castle is so real that I found myself walking the halls and climbing the stairs. Laughter, tears, anger, hatred, love and just some of the hottest sex scenes ever written. What more could you ask for? Ms. Cach has a 10 star winner in ‘Of Midnight Born’.”

Irene Marshall


“I found Alex as charming as Serena obviously did. For herself Serena was a woman ahead of her time, ahead of Alex’s time in fact. She is independent, self-sufficient, with an incredible thirst for knowledge. Her personality spurs her to act first, consider later. There is considerable humor within the tale to balance the darker moments. I enjoyed the complexity of this story immensely and perhaps being a scientist myself I enjoyed watching this rational man accept that which is not rational for a most happy conclusion.”

Leslie Tramposch
Paranormal Romance Reviews


“Once again, Lisa Cach takes a paranormal element I don’t really expect to like — in this case, a ghost — and makes it impossible not to like. Serena’s ghost state is very believable and Ms. Cach does not try to provide readers with all the whys. It was nice for some things to remain a mystery. Alex is an atypical hero. His ability to sense Serena was an interesting twist, since, in my reading experience, male characters are usually the skeptics. His off-handed manner of dealing with Serena and her sometimes childish tantrums showed a strength of character. Overall, Serena and Alex pull a reader right into their story.

I recommend Of Midnight Born for readers who would like to try a paranormal that has a different twist. This is the second of Cach’s works that I have enjoyed and she is quickly moving toward auto-buy status.”

Jill Nicholson
The Romance Journal


“A romantic, but wily, ghost story that will beg readers to read it more than once! This one may be the KEEPER OF THE YEAR, Readers! I highly recommend this one !”

Detra Fitch


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