Writing Demon

On July 30, 2012, in On Writing, by lisa
clay idol on keyboard

The fearsome Gorlach.

Meet Gorlach.

For some time now, I’ve had a name for my personal inner critic/doubt beast/writing demon, and that name is Gorlach. I thought that naming him would make it easier to control him. Then, once he had a name, I knew I needed to find a physical embodiment of him, which I could put in a cage while writing, or otherwise abuse/control/symbolically silence.

This weekend, at an estate sale, I found Gorlach’s body:  the creature above, created by the ominously named J. Steck in 5th period, judging by the “J. Steck P. 5” runes carved into Gorlach’s belly.

Note, please, the Xs for eyes, and that he has only three legs, all of which end in cloven hooves; the rear hoof points backwards. An evil beast, Gorlach. Fortunately, evil comes cheap at 50 cents. I didn’t even haggle.

I brought Gorlach home, put him on my desk, came back downstairs… and found a three-legged raccoon rooting around in the yard. Can there be any doubt that Gorlach has evil powers? He has summoned his three-legged minions! My husband is frightened.

I’ve asked my husband to make me a cage for Gorlach, but in the meantime I’ll wrap a cloth over his eyes to blindfold him while I write. I’ll let him see what I’m doing during the editing phase, if he’s learned manners by then.


You never can trust a writing demon.

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