Give a Girl a Hand

On September 2, 2012, in Fun Stuff, by lisa

box of mannequin hands

Who could resist such a tempting pile of hands? Not I!

While out wandering the neighborhood, I came across a box of mannequin hands at a garage sale (the owner of said hands is in the mannequin repair business; when asked how one gets into such a line of work he said, “Just lucky, I guess.”), and couldn’t resist buying them…. to the horror of my husband, as I immediately started spouting ideas about attaching them to the outside of our fence, along the sidewalk. Sort of a greeting to passersby, you know. Maybe paint them green, first.

“Too… whimsical, Sweetie. If you know what I mean,” my darling tells me. What I know is really going through his head is, “I don’t want us to be that house. The weird house. The weird-for-the-sake-of-weird house, where arty goes over the line to bad taste.”

I still like the idea of the green hands.

But surely there are lots of ideas out there for what to do with them. What would YOU do? I’ve got 23 of the things, in various poses, and the mannequin man told me that they can be painted any color.

Leave a note below and let me know. Maybe, if the ideas are outrageous enough, my husband will start thinking that green hands on the fence are a tame and safe alternative.

Tell me your ideas!

One Response to Give a Girl a Hand

  1. Susan Montesino says:

    Lisa, you’re a trip! I logged on to this address to see how things were coming along with the intersection mural and couldn’t resist reading about your adventures–how thrilling and what a interesting and amusing ride….I especially love the mannequin hands ( thus the “you’re a trip” intro.)–I secretly adore the idea of putting them on the fence–I would walk past when I get off the bus ( sneaking in a few grapes) and just go down the line shaking hands with the disembodied nameless–ha, what a mental image!! I LOVE quirky but must agree that it may be a bit over the top for the neighborhood. Perhaps Fremont ( speaking of which we will be moving there this month). Maybe you could dangle them from one of the trees for Halloween? (In green of course).
    It’s been such a joy to be a part of this neighborhood; we will miss it dearly. I wish we could have gotten to know each other better because I have a sneaking suspicion we’d be fab friends! I would definitely be in on the mural if we were staying–darn.
    Keep up the adventures!
    Soozie ( 6011 4th—with all the

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